Meet the American Mask Company

100% American Made Masks that do more, mean more, and serve more.

100% American Made

What makes AMC different? From start to finish, our masks are made with American materials by American workers. At AMC, we are committed to both the health and prosperity of Americans by stopping the spread and seeding opportunity.

Engineered With Excellence

You can’t mask quality. Using licensed technology, we’ve designed the highest-rated protective equipment in the industry. Our products meet the highest standards - sourcing from AMC means your team is protected by the most effective gear.

Our Supply Meets Your Demand

We excel in quality and quantity. Though COVID-19 has strained global supply chains, our U.S.-based manufacturing ensures a reliable and steady supply. Our products are proudly delivered to you from right here at home.

Face Shield

Adjustable and durable for ongoing use with other PPE, including AMC's Surgical Mask and Half Mask Respirator. 

Designed to ANSI Z87.1-2015 Standard

FDA Device Listing #: D418542 

Surgical Mask, ASTM Level 1

A disposable and cost-efficient solution designed for high-volume distribution.

Spun Bond fabric is soft and comfortable

Meets ASTM Level 1 Standard

Reusable Half Mask Respirator with Cartridges

High-performance solution with maximized airflow & protection.

Light weight and reusable with AMC's disposable cartridges

Filtration efficiency >95% pending NIOSH certification

100% American Made PPE | Half Mask Respirator

Competitive Pricing Model

We’re mission-driven and cost effective.

About AMC

The American Mask Company addresses the shortage and quality issues the U.S. has faced in securing protective face gear. We are driven by our mission to deliver high-quality products that also support American jobs. That’s why all of our masks are proudly made right here in America, by American workers.

“American Mask Company has risen to the occasion in lightening speed to address the PPE deficiency in the US and to support our frontline workers. Our products are 100% American Made down to the last molecule and we stand ready to meet the needs of the American people.”