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Josh Kozel

Josh Kozel is the President of American Mask Company. He previously served as the Head of Corporate Development for Basin Holdings. Before joining Basin Holdings, Josh worked in the Industrials Group at Nomura Securities. Mr. Kozel holds a B.A. from Yale University.


John Fitzgibbons

John B. Fitzgibbons founded and is Chairman and CEO of Basin Holdings, comprising a group of companies active in the manufacturing and distribution of specialized oilfield equipment and other industrial products. In addition, he is a Founder and Chairman of the following four companies: Integra Group, an oilfield services company active in Russia; Brookline Real Estate Partners, a real estate development company active in the U.S.; Global Guardian LLC, a global security firm active in over 100 markets; and Hudson Valley Harvest, a leading local food distributor in New York State. Mr. Fitzgibbons is also a Co-Founder and Director of Deerpath Capital, a New York-based investment fund providing loans to small and mid-sized US companies.

In addition to serving as Vice Chairman of the Cancer Research Institute’s Board of Trustees, Mr. Fitzgibbons is Chairman of The SUNY Research Foundation, a non-profit affiliate of the State University of New York, which administers an annual research budget in excess of $1 billion from federal, state, and private sources, and is a Trustee of Milton Academy, an independent secondary school in Massachusetts.

Mr. Fitzgibbons attended Harvard College, graduating cum laude with a B.A. degree in Government. Following graduation, he worked as an Economic Advisor to the Russian Vice Prime Minister in Moscow, Russia.